Legal Residency through Family

Adjustment of Status

Family petitions are one way many are able to become permanent residents in the United States. The Gabriel Jimenez Law Office has helped countless numbers of people obtain their legal residency in this country through a process called Adjustment of Status. Adjustment of Status is generally available where the applicant for legal residency entered the U.S. legally and has a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident to petition for them. Adjustment of status may be available for certain immigrants where there is a marriage to a U.S. citizen. In addition, a U.S. citizen son or daughter can petition for their parents to become legal permanent residents. Because there are many variables in considering Adjustment of Status, especially if there is an unlawful entry or the person petitioning you is not a U.S. citizen, we recommend that you call the Gabriel Jimenez Law Office to discuss our case.

Issues that Arise in Adjustment of Status Cases

Not every immigrant qualifies to obtain their legal residency through Adjustment of Status. One of the basic requirements for Adjustment of Status is that the applicant have entered legally, for example, by using a valid visa. If you entered the U.S. illegally, you may not be able to apply for legal residency in the U.S. However, there are exceptions and the Gabriel Jimenez Law Office may be able to discuss with you whether those exceptions apply to your case.

Another requirement is that the applicant not be in “unlawful status.” For example, if a legal permanent resident is petitioning for you but your visa has already expired, you may not be able to Adjust Status. Again, there are exceptions to this requirement and consultation with experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel is recommended. With over 17 years of legal experience, the Gabriel Jimenez Law Office is here to represent you in your Adjustment of Status case.

Finally, another of the frequent issues that may arise in Adjustment of Status cases is that the applicant not be “Inadmissible.” There are many grounds of Inadmissibility that an applicant has to be aware of and be sure that those grounds don’t apply to him or her. If a ground of Inadmissibility is found by the Immigration Officer, the application for Adjustment of Status may be denied. However, sometimes a Waiver of Inadmissibility may be available to the applicant. These types of cases are extremely complicated. If you think you have such a case, call the Gabriel Jimenez Law Office. We will tell you your options and tell you if we can help you.