Trump elected president: now what?

I have been receiving many calls and emails from concerned clients regarding the effect that the new president-elect will have or might have on their immigration cases.  I can only speculate on what might happen, but I will share my opinion.    I believe that Mr. Trump stumbled into his candidacy.  What I mean by this is that when he started saying the outrageous things he said on the campaign trail, a certain segment of the American public responded favorably.  Mr. Trump noticed this and proceeded to double-down on this type of rhetoric.  It got him the nomination and it got him the presidency.   But will he now proceed to do what he said he’d do?  Well, for most of the things he said he’d do, he can’t do it alone– he needs congress.   But my concern is possibly the withdrawal of the policy guidelines that resulted in DACA.   He can certainly do that on his own.  But will he?   It would be a very divisive thing to do so; and it would seem counter to his statements that he intends to deport aliens “with criminal records.”   The vast majority of DACA recipients do not have a criminal records (having one would render them ineligible for DACA) and they are a group of individuals who, it can be said, are most blameless for being in this country illegally since many of them were brought to the United States as children by their parents: they had no choice in the matter.    If Mr. Trump is true to his words about coming together and not being divisive, then he will not revoke DACA.  I don’t believe he will do so, but we have to wait and see.