What does the new Executive Order mean to you?

I have been receiving many calls and emails from past clients and relatives of clients asking me whether they qualify “for the new law.”   I have to explain to them that it is not a “new law” but merely a temporary executive action from the President.   The next thing I tell them is that I am not certain whether they qualify or not because we still only have limited information about the requirements that are going to be needed.   However, we all know a summary of some of the requirements:

  • The applicant will probably need to have a clean criminal history;
  • The applicant will need a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident relative (such as a son or daughter);
  • The applicant will probably have to document an extended period of living in the United States (such as 5 years).

I am telling my clients that even though we can apply for this “Deferred Action”- – we can still start the case by gathering the documents that we THINK will be needed.    That’s my suggestion to you: if you think you might qualify start now and be ready with all your documents for next year.