I just got DACA– can I get my legal residency?

I often get this question after a client of mine gets his or her Deferred Action application approved (DACA).  It’s an interesting question because my clients want to permanently legalize their status, not just have something temporary.  Well, the answer to the question, “I just got DACA– can I get my legal residency?”depends on various factors and it isn’t easy to answer with a yes or a no.  For example, before anything else you need the following (in most cases):  (1) a petitioner.   You normally cannot self-petition (there are exceptions to this) so you need someone to “file for you” as I like to say.  A common example is a US citizen spouse.  Okay, after you have have that you need to determine whether you entered the country legally.  If you did, then your situation might be a lot easier than a lot of other people who entered the country illegally (i.e., without a proper visa).   In any event, I had this in mind since I got this question earlier today.   Feel free to call or email me if you have any further quesitons on this topic.  Gabriel Jimenez.